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Casino Classic Terms & Conditions

Outlined below are some of the specific terms and conditions for the standard starter bonus at Casino Classic and in addition, some of the more general terms and conditions for using the site are also outlined below.

Sign Up Bonus Key Terms and Conditions

  • To be accepted for the sign up bonus offer, players must not have previously held a Casino Classic account and they must be genuine, first time, real account holders.
  • Any bonuses the player receives as part of the offer are credited initially as points to their Casino Rewards loyalty account. From here, the cash will then be credited to your casino bonus account.
  • Any individual deposit made with Casino Classic is considered a standalone, single deposit for the purposes of the Sign Up Bonus offer. Only the first two deposits a player makes with Casino Classic will be considered for the purposes of the Sign Up Bonus offer.
  • The minimum deposit that you can make to receive the Sign Up Bonus is €/£/$10.
  • Your overall account balance comprises of your real cash account and your bonus cash account. You can withdraw the cash section of your bonus at any time, but if you do then all your bonus funds will be forfeited.
  • Any bonus you receive is subject to a 200x wagering requirement before your bonus balance is converted to cash unless otherwise stated. Once you have completed the wagering requirement for a bonus, these funds will be converted into cash and you can withdraw them from the account.
  • When a player accepts the Sign Up Bonus at Casino Classic, then they also agree to commit to the wagering requirements for all bonuses and winnings they receive, in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in the General Terms and Conditions of the site.
  • Wagering requirements will start to be counted from the moment that the player receives any bonus money into their account.
  • The player must play on the casino using the primary currency used in the country in which they reside and from where they play. If a player is found to be playing from a different country, or using a currency different to their national currency, Casino Classic reserves the right to withdraw any bonuses obtained from the players deposits, in any currency that are not in accordance with this. Only Canadian Dollars and US Dollars are excepted from this rule.
  • Players that live in certain countries around the world may not be able to access this bonus. Casino Classic reserves the right to retract any offer to any country at its own choice.
  • If you click the check box on the sign up page, then you are confirming that you have read and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the site.

In addition to the terms outlined above, the customer must also recognise that they are additionally bound by the General terms and conditions of the site, as well as any General Casino terms and conditions outlined below too.

Terms and Conditions for Other General Promotions

  • All promotions offered by Classic Casino can be claimed once per computer, mobile device, person, household, family, household address, email address, credit card number, IP address or shared computer environment. Any winnings or bonuses that are awarded where a player has claimed more than once may be forfeited and the casino account of the customer locked.
  • Unless stated otherwise in the terms and conditions of the promotion, no two promotions can be used in combination on the site. Furthermore, promotions at Casino Classic only apply to people making deposits and/or wagers on the Casino Classic software.
  • Any promotional points that a player earns at Casino Classic will aim to be credited to the player's account within one business day, or sooner if possible. If a bonus is earned over a sustained period of time, such as week, fortnight or month, then the bonus earned will be paid to the player usually within one business day following the end of the promotional period. If this falls on a weekend or public holiday, then the bonus will likely be applied to a player's account on the following Monday or next working business day.
  • To avoid any confusion surrounding winnings, bonuses or wagering requirements, any player at the casino will agree to the following wagering requirements shown in italics:

If a player's cash balance is withdrawn, then the players remaining bonus funds will all be forfeited. This includes any bonuses that were to be credited in future for a promotion or any other bonus or benefit that is associated with the cash withdrawn from the account.

All bonuses come with a standard 200x wagering requirement.

Different games available at Classic Casino will contribute a different percentage of the wager made towards the play through requirement. These are as follows: Slots and Parlor Games - 100% of the wager, Table Poker, Casino War and Sic Bo - 50% of the Wager, Blackjack (except Classic Blackjack), Craps and Baccarat - 10% of the wager. All Video Poker (except All Aces Video Poker), Caribbean Draw Poker, Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker Gold, Triple Action Hold'em Bonus Poker Gold, Classic Blackjack and all versions of Roulette count 2% towards the wagering requirement.

All Aces Video Poker wagering does not count towards the wagering requirement and you will earn no loyalty points while playing this game.

In the case of Live Casino games, Live Baccarat, Top Card and all Live Blackjack wager contribute 10% of the wager towards wagering requirements, Deal or No Deal Live and Lightning Dice wagers contribute 100% of their value to the wagering requirement while all other Live Casino games (Super Sic Bo, Live Auto Roulette, Live French and American Roilette, Live Caribbean Stud Poker, Live Casino Hold'em, Live Three Card Poker, Live Dream Catcher Wheel, 1 Hand Casino Hold'em and Side Bet City) all contribute 2% of the wager towards wagering requirements.

  • If you double up at any game at Casino Classic, then this will not count towards your wagering requirements.
  • Casino Rewards reserves the right to refuse a player any bonus or promotion for any reason at any time.
  • If Casino Classic takes the view that a player is misusing their casino account by exploiting promotional offers, without demonstrating any intention of risking their own personal funds with a serious intention to play on the site, then the casino may withdraw all promotional offers, bonuses and other such items from the player. Bonuses and promotions may be reinstated to a player if they show a history of playing using personal funds periodically at the casino.
  • If a player uses a credit or debit card, e-wallet or other financial account to make a deposit at the casino, and the name on the card, wallet or account is not the same as the player making the deposit, then Casino Classic reserves the right to void any winnings the player has earned until such a time that the casino has had an opportunity to investigate the matter.
  • If a player tries to withdraw funds to a credit or debit card, e-wallet or other financial account that does not have the same name as the player, then this may also lead to winnings being voided.
  • Any promotional offers received by the player via email are for sole use of the player only and are not transferable to a third party.
  • All casino promotions at Classic Casino are reviewed regularly and the terms and conditions for promotions, as well as the promotions themselves, can be changed at any time.
  • If an error is made in awarding bonuses, points, prizes, credits or similar to a player, then Casino Classic reserves the right to correct any mistakes. Winnings will not be changed, but a players balance may be adjusted when the correction is completed.
  • Any bonus or promotion that remains inactive in a players account for a period of two months or longer will be forfeited automatically. The sign up bonus awarded to the player starts from the date that the account was opened. If a player signs up but does not activate the account by making a deposit for a period of time, they can receive the bonus that was active when they opened the account.
  • Classic Casino protects all personal data entrusted to the casino. If the casino wishes to use a players first name or initials as part of a promotion or announcement, pertaining to promotion results for example, then the casino will seek the player's permission to use their initials or first name beforehand.
  • Any employee, officer or director of Casino Classic and their families are not eligible to play at the casino. Furthermore any other agencies, licensees or licensors, service providers or any other associated or affiliated companies are also not allowed to join the casino.
  • Casino Classic subscribes to and submits data to a shared industry database of customers that have abused promotions or attempted fraud in the past. Individuals on this database will not be eligible for any offer at Casino Classic and the casino retains the right to close their account and refuse the player access to the site.
  • Only promotions and offers specifically advertised on the Casino Classic website will be honoured by the Casino. Any promotional offer offered by a third party, may not be recognised by the casino and could be deemed invalid.
  • Any promotional item or offer by Casino Classic where a player can receive merchandise or cash as a reward, is not inclusive of any taxes, licensing, insurance, postage or delivery unless otherwise stated within the promotions specific terms and conditions.
  • All cash prizes awarded by Casino Classic will be paid directly into the Casino Rewards account or Casino Account.
  • When signing up for the casino, if you click the check box on the page, you are confirming that you have read all the terms and conditions of the general promotion.

Key Terms and Conditions for your Bonus Account

  • A customers account balance comprises of their real cash balance and any cash held in the player's bonus account combined.
  • The bonus balance cannot be withdrawn by a player, but the money contained within the account can be used to place stakes and bets on the site.
  • A player's cash balance is withdrawable at any time. However, if you have funds in your bonus account, then those funds will be forfeited if you initiate a withdrawal from your cash balance.
  • A player can transfer funds in their bonus balance into their cash balance by completing the wagering requirement for the bonus. Once the wagering requirement is met, then the funds will be transferred into your cash balance and can be withdrawn.
  • All specific wagering requirements for a promotion or offer will be indicated in the terms and conditions of that offer, or in the General Promotion Terms and Conditions outlined above.
  • Wagering requirements can be met playing any game on site except for the game All Aces Video Poker.
  • When players make a wager, the wager is deducted from the players cash and bonus balances in the ratio equivalent and wins are paid in the same way. For example, if you have €/£/$20 in your real cash account and €/£/$10 in your bonus account, then your ratio equivalent will be 2:1, so if you win €/£/$3 on a game, you will be paid €/£/$2 into your real cash balance and €/£/$1 into your bonus balance. If a player makes a withdrawal then their bonus balance resets to zero. Thus if a player takes back the money they deposited, they will lose any bonus funds that are attributed to that.
  • If your account shows no activity for 60 days, then the casino will remove both your cash and bonus balances for security reasons. However, if you contact the casino support centre, you can have those funds reactivated at a later date.
  • Bonus wagering requirements will be carried over from a bonus, should another bonus be redeemed prior to making a deposit.

Terms and Conditions for Banking and Withdrawing Money from your Account

  • If you request a withdrawal from your account, then there may be a delay in receiving your funds due to a processing period. This can entail verification of the player and any other checks that the casino wishes to make to ensure the players authenticity. During this process, players will have access to their funds at all times, until the withdrawal has been authorised to proceed.
  • Withdrawals are processed most of the time on standard business days, which encompasses Monday to Friday most of the time. Withdrawals may not be authorised or processed on public holidays or at weekends.
  • Any payments made to a bank account, credit or debit card or e-wallet service are subject to certain limits each day, including those that are imposed on the casino, either directly or indirectly, by banks, financial institutions, card scheme holders and similar. Depending on the method you have chosen to make your withdrawal, you may only be able to receive a part of your winnings on each day. However, your withdrawal may then be paid over successive weekdays until your full balance is paid to you.
  • E-Check, Instadebit or any other e-wallet returns and disputed transactions will not be accepted by Casino Classic, or indeed any other casino part of the Casino Rewards network. This includes any unsettled transfers or disputes from banks or credit card companies. If Casino Classic receives a return, then any winnings on that account and on any other account within the Casino Rewards network will be forfeited, even if the returns are settled thereafter.
  • The Casino also operates an Anti-Money Laundering Policy which is formulated from the terms and conditions of the EU 4th Money Laundering Directive. Through the implementation of this, the casino reserves the right to conduct security reviews of customers, which can include the customer being required to send in requested documents or other evidence. This step is undertaken by the casino to ensure that the risk of money laundering or other criminal activity is minimised. If the Anti Money Laundering review reveals an issue with a customer, then the casino reserves the right to void any winnings, restrict further purchases and lock the account of customers where there has been an issue with their review.
  • A security review of a customer may be conducted if the casino believes or suspects that the player may be engaged, have engaged in unlawful activity, including fraud, collusion with other players, improper behaviour on site, money laundering or financing acts of terrorism.
  • If your withdrawal requires the casino to exchange the money from one currency to another, then the withdrawal will be subject to a currency conversion fee. The conversion will take place based on the average daily market rate, from a selection of banks. There is a fee of 2.5% of the value of the transaction which will be charged. This fee is to protect the casino in the case of any changes in the exchange rate and the fee could be subject to change at any time without giving prior notice.